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LG Washing Machine Service Centre in Gurgaon

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What Amounts to Unprofessional Conduct at LG Washing Machine Service Centre in Gurgaon?

Lg Washing Machine Service Centre

Lg Washing Machine Service Centre

When a reputed company such as LG wants to have brand image etched in the minds of people and wants to become the no 1 preferred brand, it seeks to maintain professional services for its customers. Well laid out policies and procedures to be followed allow company to establish its mark by providing customers unmatched and highly satisfying service quality. So, an LG washing machine service centre in Gurgaon can be expected to be working as per the norms established by the company. However, there could be instances of deviation which amount to unprofessional conduct by the company staff at their authorised or exclusive service centres. Please note that the third party centres get the tag of ‘authorised’ only if they promise adherence to its well established norms of service. Any major deviation from these norms is taken seriously and could lead to removal of the authorisation.


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Non issuance of proper documentation is a serious lapse. It is required to maintain a due record of the entry of product, clear mentioning of the state in which it was brought with due noting of the problem areas, issuance of job work details, mention of repair or replacement of the components and providing this documentation to customer is expected. However, if the company staff is reluctant to issue any of these important documents, then it is a serious matter. Customers can report the same to the customer service of the company which escalates the matter for suitable action.

Not examining the product properly before mentioning what is wrong with it is another act of deviation from established procedures. A person at the LG washing machine service centre in Gurgaon is required to carry out detailed examination of the product and its problem area before mentioning the corrective action to be taken. If this examination has not taken place, it means that the person is making a bluff.

Providing exact costs of repair or maintenance work is also required to be provided to the customer. At first, an estimate is provided which is close to the expected costs to be incurred. However, this estimate can be amended when actual works are undertaken but the same needs to be communicated to the customer. Maintaining a clarity of communication is highly desirable part of the after-sales service. At no point shall the customer feel that he has been kept in dark.