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Importance of communication records for LG washing machine customer care in Delhi

If you have the experience of interacting with the customer care centres of any organization, over phone, email or other channel of communication, you would have noticed that the voice would inform you that the conversation could be recorded for internal training and quality assurance purposes. This is even true for the LG washing machine customer care in Delhi. Whenever you call the centre, all the conversation is recorded. This conversation is of immense value to the organization like LG. It helps the company in more than one way, some of which could be:

  • To know what type of problems are faced by the customers. While the organization itself has well document manuals on the types of problems which can occur in various models of LG washing machine, this is yet another input through which it further refines this manual.
  • To know the behaviour of consumers when a particular problem has arisen. This also guides them to defining which tasks need to be handled urgently.
  • These do serve as real life training manuals to the future customer care representatives who are trained on how to handle different types of customers.
  • These help in pinpointing the different mistakes which a representative has made in interacting with the customer.
  • These conversations can also be used as evidence by courts in deciding matters between customers and company. Courts can ask for internal records of the conversation related to a particular matter and the company is duty-bound to produce it in original and without any tampering to the court.
  • These are also used in further refining the customer service response and set up newer standards of quality.
  • These also serve as a useful guide to check for employee performance and to know whether he or she has adhered to the prescribed guidelines or not.

LG Service CentreFor all these reasons, the LG washing machine customer care in Delhi, as do all other centres of the company, does maintain a record of the conversations or interactions with the consumers. These are the best repository of information for the internal purpose and provide valuable stock for training purposes. Companies have grown on the strength of their customer service and record-keeping of conversations is a crucial component which aids in growth. Feel free to contact the centres in case of any issue but please be mindful of language because every conversation is recorded.


Name: LG Service Centre
Address: Delhi
Category: LG washing machine customer care in Delhi
Phone: +91-9811-3431-36
Website: http://www.lgservicecentre.co.in
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Lg Washing Machine Service Center Delhi

Delhi is a large city. For us to deliver LG washing machine services right at the doorstep of this city, in every corner of this city, it is pertinent to have a wide network of expert technicians. Ever since our inception, it has been our aim to spread out to whole city providing every household with quick services. Today, this is something which sets us apart from others. We maintain a city-wide network of professionals who are experts in their domain of work. Rest assured on getting best services in least time.

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