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How to Compel LG Service Centre Delhi To Send the Best Technician

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Name: LG Service Center
Address: Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida
Category: LG Service Center in Delhi
Phone: +91-9811-3431-36
Website: http://www.lgcustomercare.in
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Delhi, the capital city  of India, is one of the  largest markets for this appliance. Companies like LG have a sizeable presence here. Besides sales network, the company also maintains service centers across the city to provide service, repair and maintenance works to buyers. This network is spread throughout the city and comprises of different associates called channel partners. The authorised service centers play a major role in these tasks. The benefit of having a large network spread out to the city is to provide quick and right service to the customers for LG products they own.

If you want to request the engineer for site-visit to check the appliance for its malfunctioning, then you would inevitably call the customer care center. The nodal customer care center for LG appliances would serve as a one-stop point to deliver the request to your nearest LG service centre Delhi. All technicians for this task are well trained and experienced in handling all sort of problems. But, there could certainly be some who are more well versed in repair tasks than the others. In order to ensure that the center sends off its best person for the task, you need to make customer care executive realise the importance of the work.

It is pertinent that you describe the fault in detail. You can also tell them that the person who visited last time was not well trained and that you expected a much better service work this time. You can also mention that if there is a less than satisfactory response this time, complaint to the higher authorities would be done. Further, you can also tell them the criticality of the task being accomplished quicker and in the right way in the first instance itself. This can be done by informing them of an approaching event or the dependency on  microwave for which you would need this. After registering the first complaint, if you have not received a call or being visited by  any person in a reasonable time frame, do not hesitate to call the center once again and raise a hue and cry over the complacent repair and maintenance support.

These are some of tactical measures that can help you get served by expert professional and in the quickest possible time frame.


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